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Mindy Sue Wittock


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Artist Statement

I use sewing and stitching techniques to create soft sculptures that are inspired by nostalgia, motherhood, play and form.  As a parent working from my home studio, I am often stitching next to my daughter as she plays. It reminds me of my own childhood and I gather inspiration for the creation of my work I collect textiles and reconstruct them into new objects or cover them with hand cut dots as a way to preserve them. When I polka dot these textiles I am choosing to preserve the nostalgia by obsessively hand stitching a veil revealing partial imagery of the fiber piece as a metaphor for memory. The act of sewing, of passing each object through my hands as I embellish, is the act of preserving the limitations of memory and fusing together my past and present with each stitch. Being a stay at home mother can be both overwhelmingly lonely and incredibly invasive at the same time.  These sculptures explore my adventures in motherhood and my aching need to save cloth that holds memories.  The pieces become other worldly stuffed animals, the best friends of kid-dom, and the objects mothers cherish to remember their small children.



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