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Sally Lewry


Sally Lewry


Sally Lewry

Artist Statement

Based in Melbourne Australia, I am an independent artist and writer working within various mediums including performance and visual arts. My work engages with a deep sense of socio-political content examining the human condition. I value long, intuitive processes in which I interrogate shifting identities and personal politic; the starting point of a work often arising from lived experience. My current enquiry investigates themes of motherhood and grief. Valuing highly-skilled craft, my practice engages in somatic research, movement, imagery, language, light, sound and a range of mixed media within solo and collaborative contexts, collaborating with a range of artists from various disciplines. My current enquiry explores forms and processes within a visual arts context while my lineage in performance making continues to inform the work I make. I seek to create moving and challenging relationships in which an audience can be active and present. I invest in on-going training and research, in various forms and value shared dialogue within a community of artists in order to facilitate a rigorous and pertinent practice. Engaged in exploring the possibilities of various forms I am invested in creating a body of work which speaks to the time in which it is created.


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