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Artist Statement

In a letter to my newborn daughter I write: “With each blanket that I received on your behalf, I felt a sense of feminine camaraderie. They began to act as a symbol to the many traditions of womanhood that are intertwined with the event of a birth. The women who gave these gifts have been important in my life, and will come to be important figures in your life as well. They each gave you something to be wrapped in; something so personal, protective, and so lovingly crafted.” I gave birth to my first child last year, and to say the least it has brought change. I strive now to explore the intensity and importance of this relationship that I have formed, while being wary of the over-sentimentality that Mother and Child depictions can contain in artistic representations. Blankets are inspiration for my current work that include ideas of familial relationships, genealogy, and creating personal identity. Through my primary medium of ceramics I explore these concepts while dealing with stone-like materiality. I also choose to utilize other mediums and techniques such as drawing, printmaking, and fibers. Through varied combinations of all of these materials I strive to make a body of work that expresses my views and experiences in ways that are relatable to others.



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